Lancaster Maker Lab

Welcome to the Lancaster Maker Lab site. This is an idea that I’ve had for a while, and discussed with various people. Maker labs are springing up all over the globe, also known as Makerspaces, hackerspaces, hacklabs, and various other connotations.

The idea is to have a common area, not only kitted out with various pieces of equipment that an individual may not normally have access to, but also a place to go to talk to like minded individuals, share ideas, and find missing skills for that project you want to work on. For a full description of what a Maker Lab is, check here

This site is here as the first steps towards making this goal a reality, a virtual maker lab, with hopes to become a fully working one in the future, if there turns out to be a need.


I’m looking for:

  • Interested people
  • Feedback on the site
  • A location for regular physical meets

Longer term goals are:

  • A permanent location
  • People to help with administration
  • Any old equipment (anything… desks, chairs, cabinets, shelves, soldering irons, multimeters, lathes, cnc mills, sewing machines, mannequins)

For now, I’m setting up a few areas of this site for use, so if you’re interested please register, and take a look around. We have a wiki to use, so introduce yourself on there and feel free to note any projects you’re working on. There is also a Google Group set up for discussion.


4 Responses to Lancaster Maker Lab

  1. Tim Everson says:

    Sounds like an excellent idea.

  2. chrich says:

    Hi mate,
    Interesting! Would love to be involved in some manner.

  3. richieeeee says:

    Same here

  4. I love this idea. i think the next nearest hackerspace to us is in Liverpool, so this would be a great idea! means people from the Lancaster area, and north Lancashire will have access to something fairly local!

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